Before A Better World Can Be Born, We Have To Be Courageous Enough To Look At What Needs To Be Changed

The following notes and videos are reposted from the PETA-website. They are not the exaggeration of some idealists or crazy animal lovers, but the horrible truth about the treatment of animals the basic feelings of which are the same as ours.

Many people have been talking about a new era to come. But a new era will not come without actions, or because we sit down with a stupid smile on our faces waiting for the miracle. Changes come out of actions.

Where can mankind be going with this suffering on their account?

The first video contains horrible graphic content of animals moving desperately while hanged up on their rear legs and skinned alive. This happens in China almost every day. No being in the world deserves such a horrible death.

I do not want to hate the Chinese for this, and I think I’m speaking for many people. The Chinese people have to be made aware of this content and need to put pressure on their government with international help. Please help spreading this!

And don’t say it’s not true. German documentary filmmaker Manfred Karemann documented this  already years ago. The horror I felt when I first saw this has never changed.

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The 11 Most Important Animal Rights Videos of 2013

The following 11 videos helped a lot of animals this year—watch the ones that look interesting, then go and make the world a better place for animals:

11. “Fur Hurts—Art and Activism Collide”

An inspiring video showing how 550,386 stickpins got people to stop wearing fur. Required viewing for anyone interested in effective advocacy.

10. “98% Human”

This groundbreaking (and award-winning) public service announcement (PSA), created in tandem with BBDO and The Mill, is computer-generated proof that animals don’t belong in movies.

Watch how this video was made.

9.   “James Cromwell Arrested Protesting UW Cat Experiments”

The Emmy-winner took celebrity activism to the next level when he interrupted a University of Wisconsin–Madison regents meeting in behalf of cats abused in cruel brain experiments at the school.

8.   “Olivia Munn Exposes Never Before Seen Footage on Chinese Fur Farms”

Olivia Munn narrates this shocking exposé showing the horrors that animals endure on Chinese fur farms (NSFW).

7. “PETA Fandangoing for Animals”

This quirky video pays homage to fleet-footed World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Fandango.

Trust us, it’s a thing.

6.   “Joaquin Phoenix Is Drowning”

Joaquin Phoenix lent his considerable acting talents to this PSA, which shows what fish endure when they are pulled from the water.

5.   “Runway Reversal”

The video uses cutting-edge animation and a shocking reversal to show that animals are not ours to wear.

4.   “Exposé: Live Lobsters, Crabs Torn Apart”

This video revealed to hundreds of thousands of people how millions of lobsters and crabs are dismembered alive each year (NSFW).

3.   “Miss USA Winners Bare All and Say NO to Fur”

This video featuring nearly naked beauty queens spread the anti-fur message far and wide (NSFW).

2.   “Glass Walls”

If you’ve ever wondered, “What’s wrong with eating animals?” this is the video to watch. One of the most important videos you’ll ever see (NSFW).

1.   “The Truth Behind Angora Fur”

This beyond-shocking video revealed the horrific truth behind angora fur (NSFW).


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