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We human beings are strange. We’re full of imagination, fantasy, parallel worlds. We are born with all this, and then the “real world” comes upon us and we’re taught that whatever we imagined, were the dreams of children.

But what is reality?

Although I had wonderful parents who encouraged me with to follow my attacks of creativity from childhood on, I was bullied because of this in school and stopped being creative for many, many years. I preferred playing the roles that others had written instead of exposing myself with my own ideas.

But somewhen in my life, I met people who started encouraging me again, and I developed ideas for movies, plays and novels. The first novel I published is Mystica – The Beginning, for those who love the fantasy/mystery/adventure genre. The response was extremely positive. Some of the people who wrote reviews on the Amazon page are known to me, others are complete strangers. But it made me happy.

I’m now working on several projects, fiction and documentary, one of which is a project to help those who need a voice because they can’t speak: animals. And I’m also writing the second volume of Mystica. Writing is an adventure. Our creativity is what makes this world better. I wish for everybody to find his or her way to be creative – in whatever part of life.

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