My Squirrel This Morning

PCA-20090220-20Looking out of the window this morning having my big pot with hot coffee, I saw a squirrel running up and down the trees looking for food. They had babies that I could observe and film all summer last year, and I fell in love with the little guys. Seeing the squirrel this morning, I realized that I’ll have to put some food for them in the yard again.

Many people don’t know that squirrels don’t go into real lethargy during winter time, but just sleep a little more and then get up to drink and find some food. In the countries where the winter has been relatively mild like in Northern and Central Europe, the little rodents haven’t slept at all until now. They are already in the mood to find a partner and make babies!

Squirrels need support from humans, especially in and close to city areas. While bird feeding during winter is an annual habit for many people, the little squirrels mostly get away empty-handed. In autumn, they create some hiding places for their food on trees or in small holes that they dig in the ground. But they often forget where they have created such hiding places, and birds and mice and other animals plunder the storage before the squirrels need to use them.

They needsquirrel-snow-day

– drinking water that can be placed on the veranda or terrace;

– food: the squirrels love nuts. A little bowl with nuts will do it!

–  …and careful driving when they cross the streets.

Just wanted to leave this message here, maybe I could do something for the little guys!


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