Stop Animal Abuse In China

I’ve heard about all of this already in 1998 when German cameraman Manfred Karemann courageously went to Asia and filmed all this animal abuse. We’re in 2014 and nothing has changed so far. Animals are being treated and killed in those ways again and again – in 16 years you can imagine how much suffering has been created for fur jackets and ridiculous fur trims, bought for very little money.

Until the current day, Chinese authorities have not even reacted to the worldwide outcry. And while the Taiji dolphin hunt has found opponents within the guild of politicians, Chinese animals continue to suffer the pains you would not wish to your worst enemy.

My heart cries seeing this (well, my eyes do, too).

Tell your government to put pressure in China to end this. We can do this, but we have to be many!

Thank you, Olivia Munn.

Image credit: Petition


5 responses to “Stop Animal Abuse In China

    • The import is forbidden in Europe. But they achieve to bypass it anyway, declaring it either rabbit or fake. They change the appearance by treating and coloring the little furs. We need to make pressure on China’s authorities, China has to create adequate animal protection laws and punish such cruelty. But they seem deaf on that subject.

  1. There are petitions on sites such as and CARE2, i have written on regarding the Dog/Cat Meat industry in China which is one aspect of this animal abuse in these Asian countries. We need to put relentless pressure on these governments who aspire to be First World Countries. These barbaric practices must be banned and stopped. Please see and sign mine: There are others.
    Thank you for all you do!

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