Former US Soccer Star And ESPN Announcer Alexi Lalas Says On Air He Ate Dog In South Korea

       Image Talk about having bark to your bite.

In an uncomfortable conversation during the US Men’s National Team’s friendly against South Korea Saturday on ESPN, former USMNT star and network analyst Alexi Lalas said he once ate dog with South Korea manager and former LA Galaxy teammate Hong Myung-Bo.

Play-by-play man Adrian Healey and color commentator Taylor Twellman were discussing Myung-Bo in the 35th minute as the US held a 1-0 lead. At about the 36:30 mark of the first half, Lalas decided to chime in. This is what ensued.

“We actually had some good times,” Lalas said of he and Myung-Bo, whom played together in 2003. “I can tell you I have dined with that man in South Korea. Guess what we had Taylor?”

“I’m not guessing,” Twellman said chuckling.

“My mind is racing,” play-by-play man Adrian Healy said.

“We had dog.” Lalas said.

“You did?” Healy asked.

“Yup. Went out and had dog with him,” Lalas confirmed.

“Did you know you had dog?” Twellman asked.

“Of course – I asked him. I said ‘Look, if we’re gonna go there, I want you to take me to the best possible place. And he did. And it was fun. We had a good time.”

“Good story,” Twellman said awkwardly, putting an end to the topic.

Some South Koreans reportedly eat dog meat during the summer to apparently help their bodies during heat spells.

I say: Well, what do you expect… 

So, here’s is what he ate:


And here’s what he supported:


Source: Dailynews

Image credit: Empty Cages Worldwide on Facebook


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