Wonderful Idea To Enhance Understanding For Animals In Children!

This has to be copied everywhere, and similar projects should be created!
Children have been reading out loud to cats at a shelter in Pennsylvania, practicing their literacy skills as well as soothing their feline audience.


The cute combination of cats and kids made for some adorable pictures, with children from the ages of six to 13 coming in to practise their reading at the Berks County Rescue League.

While the cats enjoy the company, the children also learn to love the animals. Mums of the children who participated in the programme left their feedback on the website.

Katie Procyk wrote: “ I want to thank you for giving my son the opportunity to participate in a program such as this one.  I believe it truly helps him to not only read, but to help the animals who do not have warm loving homes, and that we must help speak up for the critters who do not have a voice.”

Heather Colon added “Mattighan loved reading to the cats on 12/31/13 and has talked about it non-stop since then.  She was thrilled to see her picture on your web site and has received many calls from people who also viewed it .  This was a great experience for both of us and we are looking forward to coming back soon. Thanks for all you do for the animals.”










Source: The Independent

I love this idea!
With the horrible cruelties that are done to animals everywhere on the planet which come out of ignorance and incomprehension, I think this is a wonderful project to create a better world in the future.
Also, I think that all of the species in the world are in development, just like us. Who knows what the contact between species does to contribute to this development, but I guess that an experience of “together” is a better point of departure than an experience of “separated” and “against”.

2 responses to “Wonderful Idea To Enhance Understanding For Animals In Children!

  1. Suberbe idea, a great to teach children how close animals ( here cats) are to us and how sothing it can be for the soul to participate in such an interaction.

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