A cub’s tale.


A cub’s tale.

“I did not name him.  Perhaps somewhere in my mind a mechanism jumped into place to try to protect me from what was to come in the next couple of years as my country created a terrible addition to a rapidly growing wildlife industry.  How was I supposed to know that he was destined to die in one of the most horrid ways South Africans could dream up to utilize the King of the Beasts.

Our game capture unit arrived on the game farm late that evening.  I did not even know that there were lions present on the farm and when I heard the first male lion’s roar in the early hours of the morning just before daybreak I settled more snugly in my sleeping bag and fell asleep with the knowing that it was great to be back in the bush again after spending three weeks in Johannesburg.

An hour later I woke up to a steaming cub of coffee and as I watched the sunrise I thought how beautiful the surroundings seemed on that particular morning.  I loved nature and all the wild animals that form such an integral part of this very complex system and I was truly experiencing what I mistakenly identified as happiness.”

Read the story at http://lionexploitation.wordpress.com/ . I recommend this blog.


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