Stop Militaries’ World War on Animals!

This is outrageous, disgusting, incomprehensible – and just utterly sad. Which world are we living in?
Animals eat other animals. They hunt them, kill them or not, get them into their stomach in some way. They have no choice, they’re born like this, they are forced to survive on the expenses of others. This is nature.
But humans have consciousness. They do have a choice. There’s no other species on the planet that tortures other beings that much, including members of their own species. What is this? Where are we coming from? Is this what they call evolution? Is the sign of a species supposedly “more evolved” that should “subdue Earth” a species that kills, tortures and abuses other beings deliberately?
So, thank you, Evolution – whatever you are. You make me suffer, too, for my own species.

Text from: 

PETA’s website

More than 80 percent of NATO nations have confirmed to PETA that they do not use any animals for military medical training exercises—including Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey. This is clear evidence that there is no need to harm animals to prepare military medical personnel to save lives.

Only five NATO nations—Canada, Denmark, Norway, the U.S., and the U.K.—continue to use animals in these barbaric exercises. The Canadian military cuts apart and poisons live pigs with toxic chemicals, the military of Norway shoots live pigs with high-velocity bullets and inflicts numerous life-threatening injuries and bone fractures, and the military of Denmark—with participation from the U.K. Ministry of Defence—subjects live pigs to horrific bullet and blast wounds. The U.S. military stabs, shoots, dismembers, burns, and kills thousands of animals each year as well.


PETA has released disturbing, never-before-seen photographs of live pigs hung from a wooden frame and shot with rifles and handguns during a military training course in Denmark.

Lifelike human simulators that “breathe” and “bleed” and can be used in realistic battlefield scenarios have been shown by military and civilian studies to prepare doctors and medics to treat injured humans more effectively than mutilating and killing animals.

These barbaric animal laboratories also go against the spirit of Canadian, British, Norwegian, and Danish national laws and regulations as well as likely violating European Union law, which require the use of non-animal training methods whenever possible.

Here’s the link to PETA’s website where you can sign a petition to stop these inhuman, senseless cruelties:

Please take a moment to contact military officials in Canada, Norway, Denmark, and the U.K. and politely and urge them to stop harming and killing animals by joining the overwhelming majority of their NATO allies who use exclusively modern non-animal methods for military medical training exercises. Sign Petition.



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