Compassion Over “Political Correctness”: Denmark Bans All Halal And Kosher Meat Production

“animal rights come before [the Jewish and Islamic] religion[s]”
-Agriculture & food Minister Dan Jørgensen


A courgeaous step has been taken by Danish authorities banning Halal and Kosher meat production from their country.

This is certainly a progress and a sign of growing sensibility towards the suffering of other beings and changing attitude concerning the value of life in itself. More countries have banned kosher meat production, considering the ritual slaughter of animals for kosher a “cruelty beyond description” (

There is no reason to admit unnecessary animal suffering in nations where the scientific facts about animal feelings and emotions are part of common knowledge. Political correctness can not be pushed to a point where it hurts the feelings, the freedom or the physical wellbeing of others, including animals. At least, this is my opinion – which, by the way, opens up another discussion regarding political correctness towards women in occidental countries when it comes to fundementalistic Islamic teachings.

However, once this step has been made, the same countries that ban kosher and halal meat production should as well start thinking about laws against animal testing and live stock farming and create new laws to avoid unnecessary animal suffering. It is easy to point the finger on others as long as your proper financial interests aren’t touched.

Anyway: that the first steps in such direction have been made, is a positive sign and may mean many things. Let’s hope that this will become an ongoing process that at the end leads to a better, less violent world.




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