I’ve Been Waiting For Such Kind Of Movie: Cry Of The Innocent – The Voices That Can’t Speak



“A revealing new film explores the psychological and spiritual factors that contribute to animal cruelty in the fur industry. As Lowson has stated: “The power of respect will change our world” – respect for ourselves and respect for life.” – National Geographic News Watch
 “Extraordinary, a brave and vitally important piece of work”… “Riveting!!”…”Wow, powerful and gripping!”…”Very deeply affecting, this film is going to be big.”




The energy of violence toward animals in our society is a mental and spiritual aberration of social justice and violation of animal rights at its core.  An egocentric and disconnected society is perpetuating the holocaust of animals with no moral conscience or ethical boundaries.

50 MILLION+ fur-bearing animals, including man’s best friend and feline companion, are brutally murdered without mercy for the barbaric fur trade every year.  We can either bemoan their fate or we can choose to confront the dark forces of insatiable ego with spiritual awakening.

This precedent-setting film will reveal the truth behind the veil of an egocentric society that perpetuates the killing of animals, with its center on the fur trade as a paradigm of a larger nemesis permeating our world.  Its pure intent is to probe into the deeper level of the psyche, so that the nemesis can be healed.

The film speaks the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves.  It does not rely on gruesome images as a means to convey the message, but it does reveal the reality. If we cannot witness inhumanity, we cannot empower humanity, and we fail as a “human” species.  If we are not willing to hear their cries or experience their terror, then we are not willing to bear witness to the truth, which is the only path to transformation.

To address the issue of animal cruelty in our society is to address the complexity of the human condition and the collective consciousness, which perceives animals as commodities, rather than loving, sentient beings.  


CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak is an impassioned call for a paradigm shift in consciousness and transformational social evolution.  Interpreted from the soul perspective, the film will bridge the link with a spiritual point of view to help heal the “condition of disconnect” in our society.

Trapped Lynx Cub

Gucci-Fall 2008-02

The perpetrators and the people who support such atrocity disconnect from its cruelty and perpetuate the condition.  Unless we heal the source of inhumanity, the disease will prevail.  Any lesser remedy will be akin to applying a bandage to a severed limb.

We can hear their cries or turn a deaf ear to their agonizing suffering and merciless death. This film is one that needs to be made, for it would be a tragedy of epic proportions to passively consent to the silence.  Every contribution counts and is needed to keep production efforts going.  This critical film is an investment in humanity and the lives of millions of animals around the globe who die in silence every day.

It is time for the soul of humanity to awaken.  If not now, when?  Each day is all that we have for certain.  If we let today go unnoticed, unlived, unfelt, unmoved, we will not get it back.  Our relationship with soul deepens in the here and now.  We shall not pass this way again.

© Kathleen Lowson, Director CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak http://www.cryoftheinnocent.com

Quote (Ocelot) Not a single creature deserves to be abused..

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.




Lara Lamberti


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