José Da Silveira is a French painter and author whose work has been widely celebrated, particularly in Europe and the U.S., and he has been called a true innovator and one of the most influential artists of the twenty-first century.

After an 18 years stay in the United States where he’s extremely well known and admired, he came back to Europe.
When José met me, he decided that I would be his model.
I had never been a painter’s model although years ago, a well known sculptor, the Japanese artist Masahiro Mitsushima, took me as his model for a sculpture which stands today somewhere on a crowded place in Kyoto! I was curious to see what would come out of Da Silveira’s wish to immortalize my facial features.

On Friday, April 11th 2014, the show with his recent paintings was opened in a prestigious art gallery in Aix-en-Provence, France.



 The painter explaining the painting “Lara à la perle”,  a dedication to Vermeer. 

I had seen the first two paintings of me in different states of creation and found them beautiful, exactly like “Eve 2014”, the third one, which I only knew from pictures.

But when I saw the paintings hanged right before me, I was speechless. I found them just wonderful, exactly like his ink work present in the exhibition.


   me piauntings
  “Eve 2014” and “La Papesse” (“The High Priestress”), explained by the artist and his manager during the show, and the underlying concepts

me painted 2

“Lara à la perle”, based on a picture by Bruno Oliviero, taken in Rome in 1990

“I wanted to show that I can paint like the classics”, José said. “With modern subjects.”

Well, it seems to me that he did a pretty good job!


 The creation of “Eve 2014” in the painter’s home, Marseille, France



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