That Blank Screen

Ok, here we are: I’m writing again.

I’m writing several things: articles for some Internet magazines in different languages, the treatment for an animal-nature movie, a draft for a TV series connected to Mystica, and of course, the second volume of Mystica.

In the meantime, some practical stuff. There have been changes in my life, and boxes are piled up in the garage with goods and furniture that came from another living place that I finally left. So yesterday, I was lifting and placing those big fat boxes, and in the evening I sat down and wanted to go on writing the Mystica novel.

I had been thinking of the organization of the yard for summer all day long, looked up garden furniture and stuff, drafted the new look of the house, making cuts here and there because money is always an issue.

And then there was that empty-page-phenomenon, the horror of every author and yet the experience that all of us make at some point: the blank screen yawning in your face, waiting for being filled up with what your brain should produce, while your brain produces exactly nothing.

Then you get up, get something to drink, open the fridge, stare inside, no hunger, well, there’s that chocolate, fat-imagemakers again, ok, sit down, maybe now… And nothing. Lounge furniture in black and brown was floating through my mind, barbecues in different styles appearing in front of my inner eye – everything I had dealt with all day long, and nothing that might push forward my story.

Ok, I thought, let’s write an article. But Mystica is based on real mysteries, so what I couldn’t produce in the novel wasn’t there for an article, either.

And then there are those little devils. Facebook, emails, fun-stuff, You Tube and finally, the welcome call from a friend more frustrated than me, telling me his story and asking me for advice.

Finally I had a glass of wine and a hot bath and went to bed.image

And while I was relaxing and happily shifting into dream state, the blank page filled up all by itself. I saw my characters doing things, being in danger, my mind connecting their fate to the unexplainable world of mysteries of what we call reality.

And so – sit up, switch on the light, get the tablet placed close to bed and start writing until 4:30 am with the birds singing outside.

Spring rewarded me with a bright and warm morning when I got up at 10:00 am trying to swallow down the fatigue with real strong coffee, while my brain keeps producing ideas.

And then they say, those creative people get up late and don’t work!

There are still lots of boxes piled up in the garage… I guess they’ll have to wait today.

To all my readers –Ā 





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4 responses to “That Blank Screen

  1. Really cheered me up did this, and so much of it I could relate to.. waking up to that blank screen in front of me, and not immediately being able to think of or write something to fill it, but then sooner or later, life and all its little pleasure provides us with the inspiration… Lovely post….

    • Happy to cheer you up with this!
      It’s a frustrating experience to make, yet, you usually get over it. It can last weeks!
      However, my little story means also: never force yourself too much, especially when you’re creative. Sometimes letting go is the best medicine! šŸ™‚

  2. What a great article Lara. It describes perfectly the stages if creation, the frustration of not being able to do it, the necessity to let go and then the urge to answer a new vitality coming from nowhere wherever the time and the place to finally make those pages a new universe in the process if being born. Really cool drawings by the way.

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