Thoughts About Iraq And The World Cup

“Every time when there’s something everybody has his eyes on, there’s something else happening that people shouldn’t see.”

These words, that sound very much like a conspiracy theory, were spoken to me by someone who knew it in first place – an ex secret services member, already in his late seventies. The person and his statements have influenced my novel “Mystica -The Beginning”.

After attentively studying the last events in Iraq and reading a little bit about the country’s older history yesterday night, this morning I woke up d wondered whether it’s actually mere coincidence that the Iraq conflict came up right in the moment when the soccer World Cup is in its fullest, with all participating countries still in the game.

And I remembered the rest of what he said:

“Six pillars move the world’s events – three in the political sector, and three in the economical area. For the economics, it’s the energy business, the pharma industry and the business with weapons. For the political side, it’s the Western world, Asia – in particular China – and the Islamic world. Each time something big is on that everybody’s eyes are following, you can be sure that in one of these sectors something is happening that nobody is supposed to see in its total dimensions.”

I know that the anti-conspiracy-freaks will certainly not agree with these thoughts, even if they were said by God in person. I understand that, also because conspiracy theories are often so blatantly false. But from the Arabic Spring to today’s events, I must say that those words were pretty accurate.



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