Working At The Computer: Your WiFi Might Cause Health Problems


While the “blank-screen-phenomenon” is a famous problem of writers of all times, today I came across a fact that made me reflect.

More and more, the wireless Internet connection devices in schools are considered damage for the children’s health. The issue is thoroughly exposed in this video:

It is said that the children’s organisms are still weaker and their brains can be more easily influenced by waves due to the still thinner bone structure of their skulls, and I wonder what the microwaves do to adults who work at the computer all day, with the router quite close.

good morningAs a writer, this is my case; and I often realize how I wake up full of ideas and power, ready to sit down and start writing.
And then, after 15 minutes or so, I start feeling tired, can’t focus, the ideas give way to an allover feeling of fatigue. Just tired – or do the microwaves of WiFi negatively influence our focus and power? If  children feel problems, maybe we have them and don’t realize it?image

The problem would be to solve the issue. According to your the way your working place is set up in your home, and the living space available, you have to choose between the cable and the relatively close router on one hand and the WiFi of your device on the other. Some writers may just work on the laptop offline. I write stories and articles based on real stuff and therefore have to use the Internet very often. A solution might be a long cable that ideally ends up on your computer standing in another room. The only problem: with this concept, you basically have to sacrifice one room for the router.

I thought this might be helpful for some other writers, too, so I share. I think this is a possibility to be considered.

As if there weren’t already enough stuff in daily life that keeps us from fully enjoying our creativity!

Images: @LLS

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