The Orange Ball


Last night, sitting in the garden, my friend Daisy and I had a long talk – I would say it was, once for all, a typical women talk. Nothing about mysteries, we were not even very philosophical, the ocean nicely rolling on the near beach.
When we got up, we saw a huge orange light standing in the air. It didn’t move, it just was there, immobile.We stared at it, like you always stupidly stare when “it” happens (which is rare enough).
And while we stared and started trying to find logical explanations, it moved as if disturbed by our looks, just going up vertically, without a noise in a cloudless starlit night sky, until it was so far that our eyes couldn’t see it anymore.

The picture is not ours but pretty much the same of what we saw. Of course, you always have your cam with you except in the most interesting moments!

What it was… Who knows?


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