It Made My Day


It is funny how, wenn you’re waiting for something, it certainly doesn’t appear while when you focus on other things, it comes all by itself. Well, of course I’m talking of things you desire, not the unpleasant stuff that you’re never been hoping for and that drills itself into your peaceful existence anyway.

Mystica was about to be released by a publisher who, however, went for a viral marketing that involved a certain dishonesty from my part towards people which is completely against my way of being. So I gave that up and was finally published by AK Digital – only on Kindle. This was a heavy step backwards and I had to swallow down all the consequences of it.

First of all, being published on Amazon without getting “married” to them, means not to have any kind of advertising unless you do it by yourself. imageAdvertising is expensive, and I was not able to spend much money on it in that moment. I had been working on the novel, which came out of a movie project, for several years. Based on my script, it was written in English, which is not my native tongue, and so it costed me already some money and effort to give it an adequate linguistic shape and do the editing by myself.
Then it was finally online, and a few people read it; two friends of mine wrote reviews immediately, later other two people I know from Facebook added other comments to the book. Everybody, rated it with 5 stars.
Left completely alone with my book, out of money and a little disappointed, this was interesting. So I started checking the page every day. Were there other ratings and reviews to come?
Well, there were, occasionally. Right in the beginning when we set the price to zero for 24 h, the promotions triggered quite a lot of downloads, and after some time, there were other good reviews.

And then – nothing.
After there was always nothing and I started working for new projects, occasionally working also on the second volume of the novel, I gave up on checking it all.

The publishing of the book and the subsequent reviews lie now a year back in time. imageToday, buying something on Amazon, I decided to have a look at the book, and – hey! A new comment had appeared recently, and it was a five star comment and entitled “exceptional”:
“Thoroughly enjoyed – recommend – especially the setting in Brasil. Been there and know the Amazon. Vivid and descriptive Read it.”
It made my day and also showed me how important it is to give a feedback and rate a book (unless you’re really negative about something, that might the author feel sad of course). I will do the same for the books I read from now on.

It is so very hard for authors today to be published (publishers sometimes take a year only to read a manuscript), and when they end up on Amazon they’re completely left alone. What an unjust world. I think our creative energy in general, our intellectual performance and our efforts are largely underestimated and abused by those who are in (financial) power. This is sad and shows how much human values have become the whore of a world with one common god: money. So we should at least try to help each other and encourage those we consider eligible to go on with their efforts.

This was done to me today.



For those interested, view all ratings here .

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