Mother Earth

At the core of shamanic teachings, there’s deep knowledge and deep love. In fact, looking around, for me the so called Fourth World, the shamanic world, the world of those that nobody really talks about, is the hope for all of us.


8 responses to “Earth

  1. I loved this statement; it certainly talks us through to a better future, and the picture is great to. Thanks for sharing this post, I will be following your blog, and have re-blogged and shared this on my Facebook page, best wishes and blessings Charles.

    • Thank you, Charles! It is wonderful to know that I’m able to give something to people and to this world in general. I’m doing my best, so I’m very thankful for such feedback. Blessings to you.

      • Thanks Lara, it was a great peace, it got likes on Facebook too, I think people are searching, and this is part of the search, loved the ukulele clip as well. Best wishes and blessing Charles.

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