Outside The Box


During the years of professional formation as an actress, I participated in lots of additional workshops to develop my skills as much as possible. One of these workshops was developed and led by Monika Pagneux who had worked with famous director Peter Brook a lot. Monika’s workshops were a wonderful discovery for everybody who participated in them. Her techniques were partially based on the Feldenkrais method and had as a goal for everybody to experience infinite variations to perform even the most normal things so that any automatism would be erased. The result was that we had an incredible experience with ourselves, discovering to be so much more than what we believed to be.

In life, we’re pushed towards impoverishment. We’re told what we have to do, and to function in daily life our brain excludes everything that might take additional time or energy so that the necessary stuff can be done as fast and effective as possible. However, this leads to the mentioned automatism in the way we do things, in the way we move, and ultimately in the way we think. This is how we become old.

What was the difference when we were young? When we were children?

It was, more than anything else, that we saw no end of what we were doing, and no limitation to our curiosity and thirst for experience. We took a glass with the right or the left hand, with two or three fingers, we got on the bike in what ever way, we invented lots of stories in our minds which became temporarily more real than what is called reality: reality wasn’t – we created it.

Human life as it has been designed for us doesn’t allow such behavior. Our path becomes more and more filled up with duty and responsibility without us realizing how poor our world is about to be compared to the way it once was. When we realize it it’s too late, and then we’re told that this is normal.

Is it, really? Who is the judge of our dreams and possibilities? Isn’t the gap between what we really are and what we are supposed to be the reason for the incongruence and eventual dishonesty in our lives?

How to get out of this? Albert Einstein knew about it:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,

he said.

I guess, the first thing  to do is trying to be different from what we’ve been for a long time. Get on the bike in all possible ways again. Take the glass with one, the other, both hands. Wear the red sweater that everybody looks at instead of the grey one that helps to safely disappear in the mass of people. And then – dream again, search our brain, our memory: what was our personal universe like when we were children?  That is what we actually are. But we shouldn’t confuse this with the easiness of youth – this is about our inner world, not the outside world we lost growing up. We don’t have to look back, as that’s not the direction where we’re going. The past is what it is. But we have to remember who we actually are, and make ourselves new.

Dreams are there to be developed and shaped in a way that they can be made real. They are not there to be forgotten.

By the way: I LOVE owls! 😉


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