The Suffering We Accept in our Body


I’m not here to tell anybody what to eat or what to do. Everybody is here to make his own choices, and mine was to stop eating meat. Other people may decide in a different way.
But why treat animals like shit? Do you want this suffering in your body?
The understanding and compassion towards animals regarding our human egoism isn’t new at all. In fact, Leonardo da Vinci said:
“I don’t eat anything that has a heart.”
He was way ahead of his time in everything.

In the meantime I learned that this thing is called a Farrowing Crate and it’s used to prevent sows from injuring the piglets by laying or stepping on them. However, this happens also because pigs have been genetically engineered until their dimensions have become unnatural. The danger of killing their own piglets is also a consequence of the narrow space they’re living in. So while I’m happy that this picture has somehow a happy end, I know very well that factory farms and live stock farming are cruel; that cows are separated from their newborn and both scream in pain day and night as they’re separate; I know that the animals that go to slaughter scream in horror and want to escape… So that at the end, my message doesn’t change, and never would anyway.


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