I, Lara Lamberti Sagliano, Declare That I Will Not Participate In The Ice Bucket Challenge

65Today it came to me for the second time – the ice bucket challenge. Some colleague from the entertainment business nominated me to participate in a campaign that from the beginning I found ethically questionable and which to participate in I refused already once, quite in its beginning.

According to my character, I don’t have the tendency to get into hypes. When a mass of people runs after an alleged social benefit feeling great to show how good they are, I usually feel uncomfortable and pushed to do further research. The mass dynamic feels utterly dangerous to me in any issue, especially when it addresses celebrities in first place to get more followers. I mostly sense brainless effort and egoistic manipulation.

The ice bucket challenge got me during my vacation on a boat – there would have been nothing easier than throwing a bucket full of ice cubes over me and benefit from it defying the exceptional windless heat of this summer in the Mediterranean.

Numbers convinced me to refuse

The website The Blaze states that, based on the simple assumption that everyone is using a five gallon bucket, “over 6 million gallons of water have been poured out in the name of Lou Gehrig’s Disease” and adds that “the average American household uses 320 gallons per day, which means that based on this estimation, nearly 19,000 homes’ daily water usage has been wasted. And that’s not even taking into account that videos posted online often depict multiple people, sometimes even entire sororities or fraternities, taking part in the ice bucket challenge, often using more than one bucket per video.”

A recent report from NOAA’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences stresses with demand for water exceeding natural supply — a trend that, researchers say, appears likely to become the new normal. “By midcentury, we expect to see less reliable surface water supplies in several regions of the United States,” said Kristen Averyt, associate director for science at CIRES and one of the authors of the study. “This is likely to create growing challenges for agriculture, electrical suppliers and municipalities, as there may be more demand for water and less to go around.” 11 North american cities are likely to run out of water sooner than expected. (Source: Huffingtonpost)

Do we really help and who benefits?

Water is a precious good that we should start using with consciousness and respect instead of wasting it for hypes the only goal of which is to enrich some big pharmaceutical company. It’s a known fact that we’re facing an almost worldwide water problem. However, some of us are dying from the missing access to water supply, and they’re a real lot of people:

The annual death rate of people who die because they have no access to clean water is 3,400,000.

The annual death rate for the target of the ice bucket challenge, the disease with the name ALS, is 5,600.

ice bucket 4

Thank you, Matt Demon, Patrick Stewart and a few others for at least acting consequently.

German doctors claim that the campaign favors senseless torture for animals

This morning, I read a statement from the association “Ärzte gegen Tierversuche” (“Doctors Against Animal Testing Germany“). There we read:

The nationwide organization Doctors Against Animal Experiments with around 1,400 members warns that cruel and pointless animal experiments financed by the well-intentioned action

The ALS Society makes no secret of their research to” “set to, as it says in the live-defying jargon of animal experimentersanimal models, says Dr. med. Vet. Corina Gericke, board member of Doctors Against Animal Experiments. Mainly genetically engineered mice and rats are used, which by turning of a gene have similar symptoms, such as ALS patients. The animals are suffering from progressive paralysis and die painfullyice bucket 2

It has been known for years that animal testing for ALS research, a complete misnomer,” explains veterinarian Gericke.

Despite years of research animal experiments are so far only a dozen agents that the symptoms alleviated in mice has been tested in human clinical trials. All except one failed completely, and has a drug for ALS patients only a marginal benefit. For example, lithium prolonged the survival of SOD1 mice, a line frequently used for 30 days. In three separate clinical studies with hundreds of patients and cost $ 100 million came out that lithium had no therapeutic effect.”  (Translated with Google from German original)
I guess that all the mentioned facts and numbers are well known to the promoters of this worldwide campaign that presents itself oh so do-gooderly.
As a tragical side note, this morning in Scotland, 18 year old Cameron Lancaster died joining the crowd by jumping into a cave’s ice cold water. (Source: The Guardian UK)
The campaign was certainly not well thought for Northern territories.

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