Talent Or Something Else

Seeing something like this, I always wonder if this is still explainable with the mere idea of talent.

I’m from a family of musicians and play piano and violin myself. I know what it takes. The question of “how is it possible” in this case, as in other cases I’ve seen lately, can’t be answered with “talent plus exercise”. There has to be time for exercise, which a 4 year old boy doesn’t have, and less a Chinese boy whose little fingers are definitely very small for a piano keyboard. Even more my jaw dropped about the musical maturity.

So, how is it possible? Do we ultimately reincarnate and somehow remember what we were once able to do? Or is there some kind of “energetic Internet” where everything that ever manifests in this world, is being stored and some people are connected to it more than others?

Or is it just mankind’s path of evolution, and there’s a new generation which has everything in the DNA that we still had to achieve with hard work?

All of these questions are fascinating. The most fascinating idea is that they might be true – all three of them, and influence each other.

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