Science, Parascience, Religion, Imagination And The Deception Of The Human Mind

The Human Mind



So, that’s it.

I’m working on a new mystery series, and with this, I’m into a certain kind of research, and lots of questions and subjects of investigation are coming up on the way.

When I’m confronted with the decision whether to create fiction or documentary, I mostly end up with fiction.

I’ve been into the unexplained for many years now, after many other years when I studied psychology, visited a shamanic school, learned aroma therapy, was instructed in leading people into deep meditation, and many more things. I stayed with Berber people for weeks in the desert and participated in Native American shamanic rituals during my extensive stays in the U.S. I could say that I’ve seen a whole lot of the universe beyond the materialistic every day world.

I have to admit that while studying everything that was available about unexplained facts and  phenomena the whole UFO subject was added very late to my path of search. Not because I refused it, but because it’s such a difficult subject where we mostly talk about nothing. Then, it’s probably true that whatever evidence might be available, including documented events, is being held back by the authorities, most likely because alien technology would be the most interesting thing for military. However, I kind of naturally added UFOS to my mystery package when I realized that many archeological and anthropological so called out-of-place artifacts (artifacts that can’t be attributed to any known culture) were linked to the question whether extraterrestrials have visited our planet in the past.

Now: there are really interesting and serious people who research all these fields. I have met quite a few of them and have to say that those whom I met in person are all grounded, reality based intelligent people who pursue a difficult path. UFO1This path includes real hardships as there’s no institution that supports any of this research. Nobody talks about it, but the money question is one of the biggest problems, and it would be an awesome step forward to have some funding of any kind for those people and their research that is never valued high enough and that suffers an ongoing boycott from Skeptics and other scientists interested in not losing the control over an area where they make a lot of money with their books and publications, directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, they boycott things very often with a reason.

It has to be said: whatever community of the alternative  research field we choose – the serious people are always a handful. Serious doesn’t mean that they are always right. It means that they are open-minded people who sense that beyond the cold, impersonal and loveless world depicted by science, there’s something else, not less scientific, but for which science has not the tools yet, who try to build a bridge between science and parascience approaching the problems from a different side. That their path contains errors is logical and should be desired, not hidden. Science has gone through an enormous amount of errors before reaching conclusive results, and still most of science today is based on theories which will be modified or dropped when a phenomenon that matches the requirements of the philosophy of science proves this theory to be wrong as sustained. So I wonder how scientists feel so eager to debunk just everything that is being approached from a different point of view without having any better explanation. Shouldn’t they be interested in expanding their horizon instead if building an arrogant castle of dominion with closed doors?

This said, it bothers me even more to see how many fraudsters and fakers are around who are easy to debunk and feed the arrogant and closed-minded scientific propaganda. Such fraudsters can especially be found in the UFO field, and this is the reason why I never wanted to get too deep into this.

Since the 1980’s, visual technology has created an incredible amount of possibilities for any kind of visual deception. And while back in those years faked UFO pics and videos were not so easy to create, today’s technology puts the possibility for deception in the hands of every school boy. So it’s no wonder that 95% (my guess) of the captured UFO phenomena are fake. In the times of Avatar, no “filmed” phenomenon should amaze us any longer without having a deeper look.

Checking the scene, I’m shocked though how easy it is to catch people’s mind with fakes of such evidence that one wonders how this is possible. Although not interested in following such fakes at all, through a friend of mine I’m almost daily confronted with the wheeling and dealing of a certain individual who claims to have alien contact on a daily basis almost, based on an evident fake that he created many years ago. His Facebook wall is a mixture of outrageous claims, horror-hotel-witch-burninginconsistencies, bullying of people who dare to ask uncomfortable questions and copied contents from publications of the esoteric community. His arguments against his critics are that they’re the “dark side”. This term has become a killer argument and tool of manipulation in the esoteric community and would be worth an article of itself. The people who support the cause of that fraudster are in great quantities faked identities. However, there’s still a whole lot of intelligent people who really follow this person. I always wondered how in the world intelligent, thinking human beings can run into this trap. And then I realized that the way of dealing of this person is the same way in which sects operate, in which Church once operated, in which the mass media, ideologies and ultimately all politics operate. It is the utter manipulation of the human mind by promising a better world if they believe and/or obey without questioning, from someone who has put himself in a position of alleged greater knowledge, and typically for sects and religions, they put those who listen to them in front of the choice between Heaven and hell, declaring all others evil. It is this same manipulation that has led to conflicts, wars and bloodshed. We’re witnessing an extreme example of this in these times with the Islamist movement, we witnessed such examples in the Third Reich and in many other events in history. People were burned alive in the Dark Ages because they allegedly worshipped the devil, and while they burned, a hatefully screaming mass of people happily witnessed their immense suffering convinced that they helped the cause of a loving God.

Isn’t this all completely crazy? What is there inside humans that gives them the tendency to fanatically follow an ideology and switch off their brains, sometimes reaching a point where they support torture and murder? How is it possible that people get caught with arguments that have absolutely no standing with intelligent thinking?
math1With a huge sigh, I come to the conclusion that yes, science is often narrow-minded and so called Skepticism is often manipulative  and simple nay saying , but when wondering how the human mind could be freed from manipulative belief systems I have to admit that I’m glad those people are here. Science was the only way out of the Dark Ages, and I feel that evolution as if a veil was pulled away and people for the first time saw the wide open blue sky. However, I also believe that humans have wings (this is an allegory, of course) and are able to fly. For this to happen, science would have to make the step towards para science, towards occultism, towards all these things that do have a place in the universe of man, and help to expand the horizon of all of us. I love science and we need it – not only for technology, but also spiritually. And still, we need to believe in something beyond the visible world. Our mind wants to expand, and maybe there’s a notion of something greater that is inherent to existence. Our two halves of the brain have finally to work together in a healthy way, in a world where Yin and Yang are balanced and harmonic. Otherwise, I have no hope for this species.

But I do have hope. Absolutely.

For the fraudster and his crew I mentioned above, I wonder why they didn’t just write a fictional novel with follow ups. They wouldn’t have to lie so much and wouldn’t have to rely on the one single book once written as a documented real event. All their esoteric ideas and everything they have come to know on the way could have been worked into the fictional stories. Their book could already be a movie and they could be rich and wouldn’t have to manipulate people in the attempt of creating a sect and promote their book. As a matter of fact, literature and all other art forms have been holding the most secret messages in all times, from Plato to Leonardo Da Vinci to Goethe, and their work is immortal.

 Never underestimate fiction. It might contain an important truth. 😉




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