Wondering About The Human Mind: UFO And Sects

I want to say it right away: I’m in the alternative research field and I believe the existence of ET to be a fact – somewhere out there in the universe. Statistically, there’s no other solution to the question – my opinion.

I also believe it possible that ETs or better: extraterrestrial intelligence, are present on our planet and/or has been present in this planet’s past.

For what I’m going to say, I would also like to specify the term “ET”. Because not necessarily, an extraterrestrial being has to be a being of the same dimensional world (I know that “dimension” is, severely seen, a mathematical construct), but could be an inter-dimensional traveler. There are no limits to imagination concerning all this.

So, to make it crystal clear: all this is because I have an independent, open mind.

We should all keep an open mind. We should always keep in mind that we’re experiencing just a small section of what we might call reality. If we think about radiation, i.e., we realize quickly that without adequate tools we’re unable to detect most of it, unless it’s light or produces a change in temperature. We should always remember that our natural tools of perception such as eyes and ears are specific for our species and therefore utterly limited. The rest is being done by our intellectual capacities and determined by the detection of phenomena partly by chance. There will be more about this in my upcoming essay, to be published in spring next year.

Said these very fundamental things, I have to express my surprise and frustration in seeing thousands of people  uncritically following a bunch of liars who earn their living on open minds.

The mechanisms of manipulation
washington hearings

Serious people making an effort to have their cause accepted: UFO Disclosure hearings in Washington

My over 10 years of research in the paranormal, para scientific, esoteric, occult, religious… areas have brought me as a gift the encounter with very interesting, serious and grounded people who try to stand up to a scientific community that denies the existence of most of the mentioned content by definition. They struggle with the hostility of a world in which imagination has been replaced by functionalism and material wealth as well as the incrusted standpoint of most scientists. Those people struggle to earn a living and to make their case accepted, often with a reason, especially – and this is my personal opinion in spite of the often extremely poor arguments of the site “bad archeology” – in the paleo-Sethi area. UFO researcher and physicist Steve Bassett for example just launched a huge campaign organizing important hearings of very serious people, to call the U.S. government’s attention for so called UFO-abduction cases and have the issue accepted by the government to start an investigation. I bow in front of such courage that might, if also by injustice, cost Steve his reputation forever.

Paleo Sethi : did extratrerrestrials leave proof of their visit  on Earth?

Paleo Sethi : did extratrerrestrials leave proof of their visit on Earth?

So, if the UFO question were so easy, why should someone make such an effort? And why should people who claim to have “irrefutable evidence” of ET contact, be excluded by the UFO community that expects nothing more than this?

About a year ago, I was introduced to one of the most clamorous cases of fraud in this area that exist currently on the net and elsewhere. The person, who claims to have encountered an ET many years ago and wrote a book about it, has come back to the public being present everywhere on the social media, helped by a team of Eastern-European fraudsters.

I want to leave alone the original video and the whole story as there have been other people in the past who have investigated this and rather focus on considering the current situation as an example of how manipulation and sects work.

gods of eden

William Bramley: The Gods Of Eden

A few years ago, I followed the advice of my very good friend Enrique de Vicente and read William Bramley’s 1989 book “The Gods of Eden”. The book took me to a trip into history, following the idea that with false claims that have been existing and spread throughout history in one way or the other, differing from culture to culture, mankind has been manipulated into the directions certain people wanted, such as wars. At the base, this much has to be clear, is the idea that mankind in its actual state is the result of genetic manipulation performed by an extraterrestrial species, known as the Annunaki. Now, before giving up on everything said in the book because you might not agree with this premise, I’d like to point out that the premise is secondary to the actual content. We don’t have to assume the effort of an extraterrestrial elite still living among us to realize that we’re being manipulated and have always been. The book is therefore an interesting study into the functions of the world between heaven and hell that has been laid out in front of us forever and the manipulation that comes with it. Science was a first step into freedom from this; however, science in its current form has become a dogma itself. Church has been identified to be a manipulative and questionable institution as well. People tried to find a way out by following the New Age, but the New Age movement has adopted the same mechanisms of all others:

– you’re “awaken” or not

– you’re “good” or not

– you’re “blessed” or not

– you’re “aware” or not

– you’re “on a higher level” or not

– you’ll go to heaven or hell, whatever name you give these two

– you’re manipulated by the “dark forces” or not

…and I’m certainly missing a few more.

All these stigmas, all this labeling hands a manipulator the adequate tools to create a group of followers around him that will defend his cause – and not theirs – and make them hang on every word he says, no matter how absurd those words are.

The procedure just described will ring a bell in most heads of those who will be reading this. Don’t we know this from basically all structures that determine our lives!

Victims of manipulation: the labyrinth for the open mind

The desire to belive can be easily manipulated

In the case of the individual I’ve talked about before, these mechanisms are based on a faked story – or, to be correct, I should say a story I assume to be a fake – and lots of outrageous claims on his social media. These claims include the idea that this individual travels to a space ship on a regular basis to meet some “angel-like light beings” that provide him with the answers to all the most desperate questions people have:  Is there God? Is there life after death? Are we alone in the universe? Is there redemption from our pains on Earth? How do we go on?

For definite answers concerning these questions, he usually remains ins debt with his disciples, either declaring that it’s not the time to say it, or they’re not yet on the right level of consciousness, or that he will know soon himself. Then the answers never come.

dead sea scrolls

The complexity of ancient scriptures can’t be seen as to equate superfial modern claims

You might argue: this is the same thing Church – any church – has been doing for thousands of years. And I would agree. However, there’s a fundamental difference: religion relies on the complexity of ancient scriptures, while the claims of such self-named gurus and “messengers of God” rely on nothing but superficial crap. If things were so easy, we would have gotten the answers to many questions already a while ago.

In the way of doing of these people, we clearly though detect the typical way of action of sects. In my next post, I’ll lay out why this group, to which I was connected by chance and the story of which I’ve been dragged into without any real reason, has forced me to file a report to criminal police in Europe as well as an international Internet surveillance department. Things can go this far with crap. Which is amazing. I realized this when I sat in front of that very grounded police officer who listened to my declaration of being threatened and at first looked at me as if I was an alien myself. Later, however, he realized the criminal aspect in it and got utterly interested.

What is interesting about all this is the human mind.


Alleged meetings with angels: catching people through desperation and hope

Especially people with an open mind are being caught by such false gurus. They have recognized to be manipulated by just everything around them, be it politics, Church, media and even social beneficence. They don’t exclude anything right away just because they know that if  nothing is the way we’re pushed to believe it to be, it has to be in a different way and therefore they have to do their own research. But if someone has come this far and has realized that, for a bunch of reasons, neither religion nor science nor anything else will  provide him or her with genuine hints to find their path, how in the world is it possible that they don’t realize to be manipulated with the same stigmatizing, key words, mechanisms and psychological manipulation that they’ve been running away from, by a dubious guru? How is it possible that someone thinks to be the follower of a “messenger of God” if this messenger bullies people with uncomfortable questions and closes his doors for them forever? Among the followers of the mentioned individual is a (alleged) physicist. Is it even possible that someone who has the mind to achieve a degree in such a relatively complicated matter, falls for claims like this?

This is for me the definite proof of how far distant our spiritual, political and scientific “leaders” are from real life; how far they have gone in their self-adulation, and how terribly they all have failed to assist whom they’re actually created for: the billions of people who need to survive every day in a world that becomes every day more difficult. And what those institutions always seem forgetting is the fact that survival is not material or spiritual or functional or psychological, but all of this. In a world where he who screams the loudest and is the most aggressive, arrogant and disrespectful, is the most heard and seen and followed, it shouldn’t surprise that fakes and lies catch the minds of those who’re  weak, desperate, alone, or just sensitive, compassionate and unsatisfied with what they’re seeing.

Spirituality is not sitting down, worshipping someone and believing in crap, hoping to be redeemed by fantasy.

Spirituality that finds real answers is hard work.


– this article will have follow ups –



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