Animal Rights: My Thoughts

AIH World Animal DayMany people love animals.

I think most of the pages I’ve given a like to on Facebook, are in one way or the other about animals. Now I have created my own: “Animals R Us”. It’s the most visited one of all my pages. People do care. This much is clear. Yet, animal abuse is still so horrendous and part of our every day life that this planet could as well  be called the Cry of the Innocent (which is the title of a very good and corageous documentary,  by the way).

Some websites or pages of animals are just there to tell nice and funny stories. Others are there to expose the horrors of animal abuse. Every day, I’m more or less confronted with this reality through Facebook and animal rights organizations, and I can’t say it doesn’t ruin my day when things are really heavy. And usually they are. I see petitions for this and that, for justice for killed animals, to stop the import of fur, to end senseless lab tests, animal abuse is exposed on all levels and yet it keeps going on. All animal lovers and sensitive people always wonder about how people can be so careless and cruel. We endlessly cry about what we see and endlessly sign petitions.

So I had the idea to approach the problem from another side. While the evil is inherent to the planet as well as the good and no angel can prevent some people from doing bad as human egoism is limitless, there could still be a legal step towards better animal protection. In another post from Novermber 14th, I already mentioned  this idea, based on France’s first step into this direction when the country declared dogs as “non-human sentient beings”. This is what we need:

I’m asking for a worldwide petition to change the legal status of animals as to be non-human sentient beings (or persons) with emotions!

A change of the animal’s legal status would make every abuse immediately persecutable. Legalized animal abuse such as lab tests would have to be reviewed and strictly limited to say the least.  With the necessity of sparing the animals, new ways of lab testing would have to be found which could potentially  be much more effective. People who deliberately torture animals or neglect them, would commit crime as it is with people. Taking an animal’s freedom and close it up in much too small cages as it is with thousands of birds, would be forbidden. And much more.

I need people to join me in this campaign. France has shown that it is possible.

Please share and spread this idea. Maybe we can get some major organization such as Avaaz to start a petition in this sense, eventually through many smaller, nation-wide petitions in our own countries.

We need a change. Let’s make it happen.



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