Everything Is Alive

There is no such thing as dead matter. There is no death.

Shamanic wisdom

The invention of death as understood by Western civilization has led to the cynical way of treating this planet and its inhabitants that is slowly destroying humanity. Because Earth will survive, life will continue to exist. Earth will create a new project for herself. But mankind will be extinct, as a test that failed.

4 responses to “Everything Is Alive

  1. Deeds are needed not fine words to change the world and the magnitude and compassion required to do it will take a super being

    • Words are needed, too. Communication is among the most important tools to reach many people everywhere in the world which is today easier than ever. Just in case you target me personally, I can do both without neglecting one of them. Everybody does what he or she can. Right? And if you feel you need the deeds only and words are not for you, then go do something instead of reading blogs. 🙂

      • There is immense evil in the world today! It will take a person of sublime intellect to redress the balance. I subscribe to the philosophy treat others the way you would like to be treated unfortunately this is not the case . I was attracted to your site by your words , they struck a chord but I also believe that actions speak louder than words , but they are both needed to overcome the darkness pervading the planet . There is no darkness without light no light without darkness this is the way of the universe ! Keep up the good work . David

      • Yes, I agree with you, and sometimes find myself discouraged in front of the overwhelming bad news, bad in both quality and number. However, I’m setting up a project to help to enhance consciousness, and searching for the good news I’ve found it also. We just can’t do anything else than keep going with our good intention and do our best. I’m focusing on the animals (and plants) as they’re voiceless, but I realize that also innumerable children, women. men, old people… are victims of this evil and suffer horrendously. I can’t care about all of it. I have chosen this way, and when despair wants to take over I try to focus on my goal with meditation and yoga. My personal balance is the necessary base for the success of my efforts. Otherwise all would sink into chaos – like the evil would love it to be. Keep going David. I understand your frustration but once you search you’d be surprised how many others do as well.

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