The Dirty Game: Devil’s Footprint

A small Swedish village has descended into open warfare after furious locals clashed with migrants in a chilling warning of the dangers associated with mass migration.


This is only the beginning, and it starts in smaller communities where the arrival of migrants who often constitute an outnumbering of the local population is felt as a threat sooner than in bigger cities. People on the social media are being divided into those who still support the mass migration politics and those who don’t.

Now let’s set things straight.

I’ve had enough of people raging against migrants.

I’ve had enough of people raging against people who’re against being overrun by migrants.

I’ve had enough of nations and representatives of nations, philosophies, ideologies and religions who are so arrogant to think that they need to force their aims and convictions upon other people.

In first place, there is a planet with over 7 billion mammals who due to their particular evolution have learned how to thrive exploiting everything and everyone else on the planet. They’re called humanity and they make a great deal out of their intellectual difference from other mammals. But whether you’re a Darwinist, convinced of panspermia, a Creationist or have come to the conclusion that Man was created by aliens – they are, and will always be, mammals.

Mammals don’t want changes. They’re curious and ready to explore, some more than others, but they don’t want to be put in conditions where they lose control over their habitat. This is true for animals as well as for Man. It is true for refugees as well as for the people of the nations where they arrive.

Certainly, human beings have a brain with particular intellectual abilities which is able to understand that sometimes sacrifices and hardships are required. People have also learned – and carry naturally inside -compassion and empathy, up to a certain degree. But you can’t just force them to give up their identity which consists of their culture, language, tradition, family tradition, environment and so on and so on… hoping that they won’t react. When you profess the beautiful idea of one world living in harmony, you leave apart historical and psychological facts and experience. You leave apart the fact that for every good human in the world, there’s also his or her opposite.

Conscious of these facts, in first place the Western powers should have left other countries alone. They should never have put their hands on those people’s life style and culture, not for greed and not for anything else. Peoples develop on cultural , social, environmental and historical facts – some say also on genetic  properties. Forcing supposed cultural achievements on peoples whose point of departure is totally different from each other will shake their social and cultural harmony down to the very base. The result is eradication and upheaval – exactly what we’re dealing with now. This is the fault of all so called advanced societies.

On the other hand, advanced societies have always had a turning point with a subsequent cultural downfall. And the mechanisms are always the same:  they become arrogant and expansive, and then, as a reaction of success and security, they get  lazy, complacent, careless  and  self-destructive. This is where our Western culture has arrived. Long-term manipulation through social mechanisms have been using these facts to divide entire societies into pro and contra everything that comes up on the horizon. Hate and chaos are in the air like the bad smell of chemical emissions.

But in fact, things are easy.

When you rule over a country, you can’t treat its people like a herd of animals without explanation. They’re not only a herd of animals. They’re humans. Who are mammals. So they have both – the need to understand and to choose, and the feeling of safety and protection. And they’re all different. So if you rape them imposing unacceptable situations on them, they’ll react. And they’re right. You may find it justified or not that people feel threatened by an overwhelming number of migrants of a foreign culture into their country – you’ll not erase their fears and their wishes to keep their cultural heritage by forcing them to accept what they find inacceptable.

On the other hand, the migrants who arrive in Europe have the same background. Their environment and safety has been destroyed over decades, and finally the destruction has forced them to leave their countries in search for a (better) life elsewhere. Even if not everybody is a political refugee. he had – and in this point Angela Merkel is surprisingly right – a reason to leave his or her environment and cross seven or eight borders in very unpleasant, often dangerous circumstances to seek a safe and comfortable life similar to what he had seen in the magazines and on TV shows, which were brought into his living room by Western powers again.

So, now they’re here. They’re too many. They continue flooding into Europe, migrating from East to West like an unstoppable ongoing tsunami  – and who has created the disaster is now dealing with the consequences.

Are they, really? Do those who have created this really deal with the consequences?

Politically, this is a difficult question as you might argue that the U.S. who have been the driving force behind actions against the Arab world are not dealing with the consequences at all, but are leaving the dirty part to their European so called friends, in first place Germany. But was Germany actually the creator of the upheaval in the Arab world? You’ll probably say no, not in first place.

But this is not the point. The point is that who is dealing with the crisis are the people. The simple people who live their lives, go to work every day, raise their children, struggle to survive in countries  who promise social support on one hand but grill the working population for having at all access to that social support. Requirements are every day more numerous and ambitious and the basket of a financially safe life is hung higher every day. And these people are now asked to accept millions of foreigners in their countries that the politicians don’t know where to put, occupying with them well needed structures such as the gyms of schools. Elderly people are sent out of their comfortable homes after they’ve been living there for 30 years because the space is needed for refugees. Only a hateful person with a lack of compassion can say: “Those pampered old people have to shut up and be happy with less.” I have a mother who is such an elderly person. And I’m doing everything I can to help her to stay in the place she once created for herself together with her husband, my father, both being hard workers to achieve this. I know what it would mean for her to have to leave. So only someone ignorant or hateful can just shrug his shoulders and turn away from such people’s pain and sadness.

On the other hand, the migrants have been fooled from the beginning. Someone told them to depart for a better life where safety and wealth would be available for them for nothing, like in Paradise. And this paradise should be paid and made available by those who struggle for their every-day-life in our Western nations with their ridiculously inflated financial needs for assumed social security. The migrants depart for a trip to a better life. What they find after a very difficult voyage are refugee camps, cold weather and a foreign culture with a foreign language that doesn’t know how to deal with them. Their dreams vanish in the first weeks. A young Afghan migrant declared the other day that getting into this adventure was the worst decision of his life. That he would love to go back – but after having crossed 8 borders and paid all his money for this trip, he’s now forced to stay. This is completely logical and was completely foreseeable. How could anyone be so blind and stupid to think that this could work? But those who decided this don’t have to bear the actual consequences, even if Angela Merkel looks older and sicker every day.

Angela Merkel was maybe the most successful German chancellor of the last 50 years or so. She was the most powerful leader of Europe in the last years, even more powerful than the French leaders. She had the power to go it alone for lots of things, and so she did. She challenged everybody in Europe, be it the exit of nuclear power for Germany overnight after Fukushima, be it the Grexit-crisis. She was dominant in all of this. At the end, everybody followed her. And now this. It just doesn’t work out. She, and those around and behind her, didn’t foresee what the long planned mass migration would create. Maybe Angela Merkel realizes that she hadn’t only overseen the consequences. Maybe there’s something else – but this is for another article.

The facts are:

We’re all humans.

We’re all mammals.

We all want to live in peace and harmony.

We all have cultural roots.

Our way of life is culture-based.

We don’t want to have to migrate.

We don’t want to be overrun by foreigners.

We all – just all – don’t want to give up our culture.

What is happening with this mass migration is a crime. What has been happening in the Middle East is a giant crime. It is for fossil fuels in first place – which are still a crime, as they heavily weigh on the balance of our environment.  The exploitation of Earth is destroying the entire planet, the home of all of us (and I’m not talking of Global Warming that I’m not convinced of. Sorry Global Warmers.).

Who wants this? Who ever wanted this?

To save the situation should now be Turkey with its president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is a dictator who has been violating human rights forever. With the mass migration, he will finally achieve his long-wished entrance into Europe for which he otherwise would never have fulfilled the requirements, while Russian and NATO military jets pass along the Turkish-Syrian border like an omen of World War III.

Doesn’t this all so much smell like a made up process to sell unpleasant major changes in the world as a necessary measurement to the average Joe?

We’re in the hands of greed and carelessness, arbitrariness and power games between old men. We’re led by people who don’t have respect, compassion, empathy, and who don’t love. The worst of the human variety of character is ruling the planet and the life of all people, animals, and plants.

It is as if the devil had taken over .

And we’re praying to false gods.


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