Faux real? Real fur raises its ugly head again

Real fur has become so cheap that it’s sold as faux.

Lentils of the World Rise Up

Lying for days in agony. Ripped away from your family. Chewing your own limbs off. Covered in open wounds. Living in vomit and excrement. Suffering from starvation and hypothermia. Anally electrocuted.


These are just some of the things that animals in the fur industry endure. Over the past three winters, I’ve witnessed a massive increase in the use of real fur for anything from fur trim hoods to shoe pom poms. Real fur adorns hats, gloves, gillets, hair clips, keyrings, bags, coats and jackets. That’s only what you see in the street. I dread to think of what’s in peoples homes. Fur trim aprons? Fur pom poms hanging off make up bags? Fur throws on sofas and chairs? Probably, almost definitely in fact.

Fur is on the rise, but why? In the 1990s, we saw many popular public campaigns to stop the use of real fur, and they…

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