Mystica My Novel

My novel, Mystica – The Beginning was taken down from my publisher.

In 2013, AK Digital published my book “Mystica – The Beginning” in a digital version. AK Digital was an online-digital-publisher department of a bigger company.

When I didn’t receive any notification about the benefits last year, I called the publisher and learned that the company had given up the digital-only-department. Therefore, they didn’t send any notifications to the authors any longer. However, I was sent the digitized file in case I wanted to upload it myself. I didn’t want that as I don’t want to be a self-published author and told them that I wanted to leave things the way they were for the moment.

For those who never published a book: When a book is published, the space is administrated by the platform and by the person or company who uploaded the book. You as an author have no whatsoever access neither to the space itself, nor to any information given by Amazon concerning sales etc. You totally depend on the publisher.

However, I’m surprised about their way of doing – no notification, no final documentation about sales, no warning that my links put everywhere on my sites would no longer function – just nothing. If my instincts hadn’t told me to have a look on the Amazon page, I would never have noticed. This is just one of the examples of how creatives are treated in our societies.

What really bothers me though is the fact that I lost all the reviews. There were many FB friends but also strangers who had beautifully commented and gave the book a high rating. I want to thank these people once again.
Unfortunately, also Bruce Williams was among them. He died on February 11th. I’m very sad that his comment with his very personal message to me is now lost forever.

I’m writing the second part of the novel. However, I’ll use this occasion to work the entire book over again and then look for another publisher. As one of my media projects relies on the novel, this seems the best moment to do this.



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