The Path of Consciousness

Screen-Shot-2015-11-24-at-5.18.08-AM - Copia

First there’s the consciousness of the group, and within this group all issues of right and responsibility are solved.

Then there’s the consciousness of being an individual, with the necessity to survive and for that purpose having to take other lives.

Then there’s the consciousness of being more than just an individual, but an individual with a Me-consciousness that stands in front of a You, with the continuous moral conflict of how far personal survival can be allowed to affect or destroy other lives. On this level, there’s an ongoing struggle between total dependence through needs and total freedom through renunciation.

Then there’s the consciousness of a higher being and/or a higher realm that every individual is undoubtedly part of. At this point, the moral mindset evolves towards a different understanding of the necessity to become one with that higher realm.

And ultimately, there’s the consciousness of being one with everything and everyone, yet being an individual that has left the struggle about proper survival behind. The eternal Me flows naturally into an eternal You.

So consciousness makes that we come from being one with what we believed to be everything and go into being one with what is everything. Individuality is the necessary step between the two states.

However, if an ideology or philosophy aims at destroying the consciousness of individuality half way, the entire evolution can’t take place and therefore there can never be true oneness. A society caught by such an ideology will consist of weakened, half-conscious individuals easy to manipulate because they know there’s “good” but they don’t know what “good” actually is.

And the vampires will easily feed on the ignorant prey.

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