The Disenchantment of the World

I’ve been wondering for a while how it’s possible in the 21st century that people believe in something like the flat Earth. Why people believe that 500 km long space ships are kind of parked in the Sun waiting for the moment when On Earth the Apocalypse will happen so they’ll come and save some people (only those who believed in them of course).
Today I saw a documentary about King Arthur. It didn’t leave any doubt for Arthur to be at least based on a real person. It’s all fantasy, they said. And I thought: how can they sustain something that isn’t really provable at all? They’re doing this all the time. Unexplained objects are “objects for ritual activity” – but they don’t even know which kind of religion the people had. Death is just death, the soul doesn’t exist at all, we’re but flesh and blood and intelligence (or not), our consciousness is the result of the cortex. Animals are less conscious and can be killed and tortured. Or as a friend of mine said the other day: “So guys, recapitulating: The pyramids of Giza built by the Egyptians with the copper stonemasons in less than twenty years, Atlantis was Santorini, the phylogeny recapitulates the ontogenesis, the universe is the result of chance, the bankers are philanthropists, immigrants flee from wars, the origin of man is African; and I’m Batman right?”
German scientist Max Weber proudly spoke of the “disenchantment of the world”. In social science, disenchantment (German: Entzauberung) meaning the cultural rationalization and devaluation of mysticism apparent in modern society. Max Weber used the concept of disenchantment to describe the character of modernized, bureaucratic, secularized Western society, where scientific understanding is more highly valued than belief, and where processes are oriented toward rational goals, as opposed to traditional society where for Weber “the world remains a great enchanted garden.”
This is exactly what it is: the disenchantment of the world. There are still some places such as the Amazon that resist human control due to their inaccessibility. But before the eventual secrets of those places can possibly be discovered, they’re burned down entirely so their soil can be used for palm oil or soy bean cultivation. There will be no secret left.
And God? God isn’t really an issue. Believe what you want!
I understand why outrageous theories such as the flat Earth are born. In a world where almost no secret is left, where no hope is left actually, in such a world madness will take place. Our so called progress has become a Leviathan, a monster that eats its own children. A view on the reality as something with no secrets, no magic, no enchantment, no greater purpose, no hope.
No, I don’t fit in this boat.

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