Solstice of the Inner Sun

I can’t deny that I’m a Sun-person. With all my fascination for Northern mythology and landscapes, I kind of worship the Mediterranean whose geographical heritage is undoubtedly strong within my genetic pool.

Today is the summer solstice which is both, belonging to northern mythology and Sun-related, and this is the day where I sit down and get into a dialogue with my inner Sun. Today is also a day where I do have a lot of things to do but also have some time for myself and could sleep in as I was, I still am, pretty tired from a few weeks where work has been overwhelming.

Many people can’t imagine how the life of a creative must be. On one hand, they admire the „courage” of giving up on the security of regular income; on the other hand, creatives are often seen as people who don’t work much, do only what they like and when they have financial problems, people say: “So why don’t they do a real job!”

The injustice of this claim becomes obvious when we think about all the professions we’d miss if unsteady workers were no longer there, because the same fate of the creatives hits basically every single person who dares to start a proper business. They’re the outcast in well organized countries that count on the regular taxes and social security contributions of the country’s employees. Needless to say that those contributions are regularly abused like i.e. the contributions for retirement money in European countries (where they’re telling people now that there’s a demographic problem).

However, having the chance to take a deep breath today and “talking to my inner Sun”, I realize how many important things were left aside when running from here to there, in other words: how poor life was in comparison to a moment of freedom. Today, I’m listening to the birds. I’m enjoying the Sun, I’m enjoying the light outside, the noise of the wind in the tree tops. I was enjoying the woods where i was walking with no pressure of time. I had left my cell at home and forced myself to listen to the noise around me. My feet on the sandy ground, the light games in the leaves. My happy huskies running here and there, playing with each other. The lake, silent, beautiful and full of life. I collect ideas for the book I‘m writing. They just come up, all by themselves, while the last weeks I sat there and often the white page of my Word program grinned into my face and the little black bar was flashed for hours, waiting for the first sentence to be written. My brain, stressed out, tired, and emptied.

So my thoughts go elsewhere.

We all, employees or autonomous, are running after social and financial security because not only are we told to do so, but we’re forced to do so because when money is missing nothing seems to work anymore.

But don’t we miss life in the meantime? Yes, we do. The life of most people consists of a daily routine where having a beer with friends in the pub at the corner, going to yoga or forcing ourselves into gym after a tiring day becomes the freedom we’re ready to save for ourselves. Our modern countries can’t work without this sacrifice, our children wouldn’t be safe without it. Yet, was it thought this way? Was the purpose of creating human life with all its capacities, never used, to squeeze it between necessity and fear? Is it okay that we aim at having a safe life in a noisy gathering of humans who don’t know each other and never will, living in concrete deserts, fighting for the relief of the consequences of all our claims and self-created exigences? Or are we living in a world that has just gone the wrong way?

Just thinking. The „Western world„ has currently the most successful societies and culture on the planet. Their path passed over other cultures who lost their roots because of this. They’re now aiming at a piece of the cake, for free, leaving their countries in masses. Where we have already decided that our way was wrong, they want to achieve the harvest of something they never created. In other words, they want to commit the same errors to force the same supposed security upon their kin. And I’m wondering whether that path, the path of supposed safety, unnecessary needs and a possibly wrong way of life is the necessary step towards a new, a different, a conscious humanity. We have achieved great goals on that path though, such as the successful fight against disease, incredible cures, buildings and structures that protect us against many natural odds, and so on. Mankind, for how flawed it is, has also achieved a lot.

Yet, we’re learning, we’ve always been witnessing, that life doesn’t offer a solution for total safety. It doesn’t guarantee a prosper existence for everybody and forever, everything man does is for now, for the capture of the conditions in a moment in time. Now being at the verge of destroying irremediably what we need to survive – nature – isn’t this the moment to step back, become humble, watch our work and say, okay, we don’t have to think “more and more of this”, we have to think: “What else is there, except material values? I mean, wouldn’t it be the moment to say, okay, we have achieved this, now let’s have a look into reality?

My thoughts could go on now about what reality is, and they do, but I’ll stop here, with one more thought.

What if all mankind had to first come to more or less the same level of standard (in which way ever), before mankind will be granted a glimpse on a totally different way of life where the older, in our case materialistic issues become a problem of the past and we can all go on?

Hand on your heart: we you knew that reality as we see it is only a minimum fraction of what it really is; that life as we define it is only a small part of all the possibilities of life; that really everything and everybody can never get lost (and quantum physics already says so), that everything is really connected and that death is not the end but the beginning – I mean, if you didn’t believe but really know it: would you still live the same way you do?

Today is the longest (for some the shortest) day of the year.

Happy solstice, Wanderer, wherever you are.

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