Into the Shadows

I have never seen so much hate, stupid aggressiveness, tendency to believe everything that matches one’s agenda and uncritical thinking like in the social media since 2015.

When I opened my Facebook account in 2008, everybody was talking about how to make life better. Now everybody is talking about how to hate better. I include myself in this, as we’re all being manipulated into this debate, but what surprises me is all those religious people on one side and all those spiritual people on the other who scream “love” in general and promote hate in particular. I can’t stand this vibration. I’m the first to be outraged by the current politics and the manipulation we all are being exposed to. But exactly because of this, I think that critical thinking, reasonable calm and deeper looks into all information are mandatory. In 2015, I hit the roof because of Angela Merkel’s refugee politics. Everything in worldwide politics after this was based, at least in part, on her faux pas. After years of hitting the roof I realized that not only do politics in general harm my inner peace and my character, but that I, too, have often been the victim of manipulation. What feels so strange to me is that people woke up that late. We needed 2015 to make people go against uthe allover migration politics! Migration politics have been bad since the 1960’s!

But instead of expressing their opinion in their votes, millions of Germans re-elected the maker of the refugee crisis, out of fear, out of a feeling of guilt and duty. Germans aren’t courageous when it comes to new things. They’d vote for what they had and keep suffering – not only the refugee politics but also a lot of social injustice under the pretty cover of a “social state”. When will they realize that everything they press out for themselves in terms of social performance will most likely be humiliating (such as “Hartz IV”) and make them more and more dependent from “the state”? They scream “freedom” screaming “social benefits” and “security from the government”, they scream “give me give me give me, I want to be free” without realizing that every “give me” will most likely enchain them a little more; without realizing that freedom and social performance at some point can’t go together! Yes, the state has to be there for them. But they also have to be responsible for themselves!

As long as everything functions well, people have the illusion of controlling their own lives. But when disaster strikes, be it millions of migrants feeling invited to Europe, be it the economy to go down with the consequent problems for almost everybody, they suddenly wake up over a hungry stomach. And then they’re ready for the ultimate goal of manipulation – the destruction of something or someone, another people, an ethnic group (including Caucasians), another country, particular people, particular goods, whatever. People love to think in black and white. They do not bother to look deeper, to get aware, to look into history, to distinguish between conspiracy theories, to ask what’s behind. Where people are poorer, this has been going on for a long time. Hate has successfully been risen in Africa and the Middle East against the “Whites” who are now responsible of everything, hate is successfully being risen in the Western world where “left” and “right” have started hating and fighting each other while a megalomaniac political class operate for hidden intentions and do what they want with no regard for their peoples at all. And yet, people can’t be blamed. They’re defending their rights for a homeland and a cultural identity, in the Western world and elsewhere where the greed of some has already destroyed natural cultural development. And now, this destruction is being sent to the Western countries. But it is outrageous to say, this is “the Whites”, “WE are selling weapons to…”, “WE are selling ads to…” and so on. We’re all in the same grip of the same fist. We have no choice, either.

The hate-debates everywhere in the world make things only worse and will reach a point where the clash is programmed. We’ll possibly see no world war as we know it, because nuclear weapons are way too destructive. We might see bloody conflicts from the inside, people against people, people who have lost their roots, manipulated into hate and destruction for a necessity of survival they most likely would never have had to fight for. In fact, the so called “equality” is not the humanist wish to make people forget about their differences and live in peace. “Equality” is a term used to make people aware of their differences, adding to this that these differences are a threat instead of a chance.

I have stopped talking much about politics. I have not stopped watching. What I see is terrifying. It makes me want to give up on the media as well as the social media, to just enjoy life as much as possible. I’m not 20 anymore. I have no children. I don’t have a daughter who will grow up in a world where men have power over women again while on paper there exists an x number of “equal sexes”. I can say, you know what, I don’t care. As long as I live, there will always be a place for me to escape to. My particular life has created friends in the most different parts of the world and I speak a few languages.

But what about all the people who don’t have that chance? What about those who have children, especially daughters? What is actually going on on people’s minds?

Yep, exactly. They’re manipulated…

“Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.”

― Niccolò Machiavelli

They’re all deceitful. Without exception.

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