Humans – Still an Unsuccessful Species

An agonizing dog was dropped at the door of the shelter somewhere in France and died during the night.

The dog may have died of a broken heart rather than his disease. Who knows!

Fact is: there are several possibilities of why such things happen. Maybe the owner is desperate with his financial situation. Maybe he’s just a dark soul. Whatever it is: there should be 24h emergency pet rescue institutions set up by the government. Furthermore, people who want to have pets should have their personality checked as to be adequate by a psychological test. Animals are dependent of their owners and exposed to their will. We live with these faithful, loving and trustful beings and then we don’t care if people can pr are able to cope with their responsibilities!

We’re in 2019, we’ve flown to the Moon (yes, we have and the Earth is not flat!), we have successfully fought against disease, we create robots and supersonic airplanes and still, our relationship and our behavior with nature and other beings is often below terrible!

How progressive and really successful can a society considered to be as long as it is unable to protect its environment, help and protect other beings and preserve their living spaces and unable to adequately treat their own pets? For me, humankind keeps being shameful. And while hysterical feminists call for women to no longer shave and not focus on external values – which is exactly what they do with this – the real problems of our societies are always there. For me, humankind is still shameful -talented, intelligent and exactly because of this, to blame.

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