Letter To Laika

Laika Memorial Day

Dear Laika,

Today we remember the day when 60 years back you were closed in a space rocket and sent to your death, betrayed by those you trusted. Be sure that each time I’m reminded of that I have tears in my eyes, and certainly at least some of the people who participated in the endeavor have, too, especially considering the outcome and the poor information collected from that mission. Your death was therefore senseless, yet, be sure that being a street dog, for the time you lived you faced a much much better life than many other of your kind all over the planet. You at least could experience human love and kindness, you know that this egoistic species that dogs have been selflessly accompanying for hundreds of thousands of years, is capable of so much more than their selfish actions. So many other dogs and other street animals are badly treated by humans and never have the chance to know anything else.

Laika, you had a sad destiny but you were just one of those billions and billions of animal lives taken by animal testing. Be aware that up to the current day, humanity hasn’t learned a bit from what happened to you. They still use animals, also many of the dedicated and intelligent dogs, to create pain and terrible death for them, making them pass their short lives in small uncomfortable cages, to find out whether one of their inventions contains any danger for humans and how big the danger really is. As that part of “science” is based on bug budgets, humans willingly ignore the fact that

1. Animal testing isn’t informative enough for the reaction of the human body and

2. Therefore testing on volunteers is always required and that

3. The ethical question of animal testing has a clear answer as modern neurology can’t keep going with the lie that animals “aren’t aware”.

Therefore, countless beings are being tortured and killed deliberately having a much worse fate than you, dear Laika. Your image is for me the symbol of everything that’s wrong with the world, and I’m firmly convinced that humanity will not thrive and be free until they finally understand that they have to see every being as equal in a non-personal sense, that they have to respect every being, life in general and nature as a whole beyond any political or ideological question. Only then will we be free – free to be, free to act, free to believe, free to understand. Human arrogance, their hubris and presumption are their curse that keeps them from everything they want, and the treatment of animals and nature is the Number One symptom of this.

Laika, again a few tears for you, hoping you’re well in a better place. On the day I meet all my animals on the Rainbow Bridge I’d like to meet you, too.


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