Who am I?

Difficult to explain! I’ll give it a try with a few simple facts…


I was born  to a soprano opera singer and a conductor and composer. I grew up partly in Berlin, Germany, where I attended the university (degrees in psychology and musicology) and received my artistic education. I have been working as an actress in the international film business since the 1980’s and as a mezzo soprano in the years between 1994 and 2004, and I have been working for dubbing productions since 1998 as speaker as well as director.

My actual passions were very clear quite from the beginning. I designed comic-like stories before I was able to write, and instead of playing mother and child with the dolls I was given, I arranged them and my stuffed animals in little scenes, photographed them and then arranged the next scene so that finally I created a “movie” out of the pictures.

As soon as I could write, I started writing novels and short stories. The short stories were quite nice and I was invited to read them for an audience by well known authors in special occasions such as birthdays. That gave me the courage to write my very first novel, “Aliana”, as an 11 year old. The story was about two worlds, one of light and one of shadow, that needed human beings to fight for them. So it’s clear: my genres were Mystery, Fantasy and SciFi right from the beginning!

However, I loved the outdoors. I went horse back riding every day during my vacation and loved to take my bike and drive into the forests. It all together finally made that I wanted to become a documentary filmmaker.

Strangely, I became an actress! Image1

Yes, yes, I did my acting school. I thought it was a good way to approach the movie business anyway. And I studied journalism and languages first, preparing for my actual dream.

But all went in a different way. Life pushes us into slightly different directions than we actually planned, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of opportunity, sometimes for whatever reason. And so my actual job was being an actress for many years.

Don’t they say, life is what happens to you while you’re planning for something else? Well, something like that!

At some point, however, I came across the phenomenon of autism. It wasn’t much more than general information, but for some reason the subject fascinated me. I’m from a family of musicians, so my first thought was: music might help such children!

In fact, today musical therapy is today one of the most successful therapies for this bizarre disorder the reasons of which are not really understood up to the current day. So I started studying psychology and musicology while still going on with my acting career.

Grand CanyonMy following specialization in Human Energetics and the contact with Alternative Medicine led me to study shamanic traditions and finally para psychology and other subjects in the paranormal area. Experiences with yoga, meditation and a few paranormal phenomena brought me to researching the world’s mysteries, trying to combine scientific methods and knowledge with para scientific or unexplainable subjects.

In 2002, after writing my first movie script, I started working with an entertainment law firm in the development and financing of international media projects.  In 2005, I founded my production company Alshain Pictures S.L. in Barcelona (Spain) as an internationally operating production company centered on  the realization of projects of international interest in co-operation with production companies of any nationality. The company’s main focus on subjects of the mystery, fantasy and SciFi genre, social problems and environmental and wildlife issues.

In 2005, I came across Klaus Dona’s exhibition “Unsolved Mysteries” in Berlin. The contact with Klaus and the discovery of the fact that there are so many unexplainable archeological and anthropological findings gave me the idea for my TV series “Mystica” the basic content of which is being worked into my trilogy “Mystica”.

“Mystica – The Beginning” was published in May 2013.

portada II new pyramid

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  2. You have lived an interesting life, but the best is yet to come. I think I can see why you have the perspective on world issues that you have. You are a seeker, a mystic and a warrior – all are essential during the major changes on earth we are currently experiencing.

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